Cynthia and Josie’s Unmentionables

Through endless conversations with each other, we realized there are certain topics that most of us were told we shouldn’t engage in. Things like sex, desire, vulvas, nipple hairs, cellulite and… well… queefs. To say nothing about those bigger topics like parenting, politics, and pornography.

We are here to help liberate all of us from those stories that often fill us with shame.

We are getting down in the dirt – sharing our most embarrassing, challenging, awkward, and uncomfortable moments in the hopes that it will inspire you to do the same. From exploring secret sexual fantasies to our admissions of infidelities’, from our story of weight loss that almost made us lose our minds… to a conversation with a woman who has two husbands (and so much more) we want you to join us on a ridiculously fun journey that celebrates not only our unique stories but also the little imperfections & mistakes that make us human.

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